Daunted by Digital...Don 't Be

An argument we often hear against digital marketing is that it is too complex. Too complicated. Too difficult for the average business owner to understand, let alone implement. We tend to agree with all of these things, to a point. Words like programmatic marketing, search engine optimisation, or conversion rate optimisation aren’t exactly easy to comprehend at first glance. But when you live and breathe digital marketing as we do, it becomes far less daunting, while its value to a business becomes far more apparent. 

For a start, digital marketing gives companies of any size an opportunity to market themselves on an equal footing with the larger players in the game. This is in stark contrast to traditional marketing, where small to medium size businesses struggle to compete with corporations who have the budget for large scale and expensive promotional campaigns based on TV, radio, press and outdoor. On the other hand, digital marketing is an affordable way to promote a business and gives smaller enterprises much-needed exposure in the marketplace. Just one example is Facebook advertising.

While we’re comparing traditional marketing versus digital marketing, let’s look at another area where online gives a business a strong advantage: targeted customer reach. Digital marketing lets you engage with people who are already interested in your business. It’s possible to target consumers with a specific interest in your company, service, or products. For example, with digital advertising, you can create buyer personas that simulate your ideal customer. You then use these personas to target the people who will most likely want your products or services. 

The same laser-focused approach can be taken with Facebook ads. You’re able to specify your target audience by age, occupation, gender etc. and then use Facebook to directly connect with that ideal niche.  Where traditional marketing reaches out to the general population with the expectation of attracting just a tiny percentage of the masses,  digital marketing lets you speak to people who are already interested in you, making online marketing a more cost-effective exercise. 

We could go on. We could talk up the flexibility of digital marketing and how you can make instant changes to a campaign, with many of those changes influenced by what analytics are telling you. Yes, being able to act immediately on the data is another area where digital outstrips traditional. Or, we could point to improved conversion rates, which are obvious when you can target specific leads who are already interested in your business.  

At Sprocket Digital, we believe digital marketing is something to be embraced, and not scared of. Get in touch and let’s talk about how we can manage it for you, while you reap the rewards. The benefits of digital marketing are too big for any business to turn it’s back on.


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