A Day in the Life of a Growth Advisor

When you’re a client at Sprocket, our Growth Advisors are your partners on the road to success. 

They’re armed with the tools, know-how, and ambition to scale up your business growth with the power of digital marketing, using a custom made strategy to optimise your potential. 

Our Growth Advisors do exactly what the name says — guide you in growing your business

We invite you to see a day in the life at Sprocket through the eyes of one of our Senior Growth Advisors, Dan Rack. 

Dan’s been with the company for three years, coming to us from a background in sales. He’s now an expert at using digital tools to create business growth, but before working at Sprocket he claims he’d never even heard of Google Ads … he’s come a long way, to now find his passion and make recommendations that even the technical team hadn’t seen!

Managing 35 clients, some of whom have been with him since his first week on the job, Dan is genuinely driven by seeing his clients succeed.

“I want clients who are ambitious, I want to take my clients to the moon. I see so many people who have really had their lives changed by the work we do, not just their business. It’s so rewarding to see.” 

So how does Dan achieve this for his clients? We sat down in the meeting room at lunchtime for a chat about his process, what drives him, and what part of the day he looks forward to the most.  

Meticulous mornings

You don’t often meet people who are excited to head into work on a Monday morning. For Dan, he’s not just excited — it’s his favourite part of the week. 

“I used to take my work home with me, and be working til 9pm every night, but now I’ve made a point not to look at my work over the weekend, so then anticipation builds up for what I’m going to find on Monday morning. I can’t wait to see how the performance went, how much revenue they made … it’s something to really look forward to.” 

After fighting through traffic to get to the Sprocket office in Penrose, coffee is the first order of the day (we’re only human, after all). 

Maybe he’ll check and reply to a few urgent emails, then it’s straight into the analytics. 

Analytics is a core part of our services and client care — it’s about discovering in black and white data what’s hitting the mark, and where opportunities can be harnessed for further optimisation. 

In order to achieve the best outcomes for our clients, we are constantly reviewing and improving their campaigns. It’s not good enough to let it coast, we’re determined to dig deeper, find new strategies and pathways, and push the business growth to its utter potential. 

With 35 sizable clients to look after, Dan’s days are scheduled around meticulously checking into the data and analytics of a few at a time, in order to get through his client list each week.

Here’s how his mornings look

  • Go through Google analytics, especially for e-commerce clients
  • Check revenue data from campaigns
  • Comb through Google Adwords, check campaign and ad group performance
  • Check the search term reports, exclude any poor search terms
  • Check across Facebook ads, looking at ad copy and creative
  • If there’s anything glaring that needs adjusting, tell the technical team
  • Morning meeting with a client, usually a monthly check-in or new business opportunity. 

Engaged afternoons

After diving deep into data for the morning, Dan’s afternoon becomes a lot more engaged and usually revolves around communicating with his clients. 

Answering phone calls, replying to emails, sending out missives and directives … if mornings are about analysing then afternoons are about communicating strategy and results.

Usually he’s still got some analytics to get through, spilled over from the morning when certain accounts need extra attention or urgent calls come through, so it’s not totally a half-and-half kind of day, but the structure helps him to ensure he’s powered through the most mentally intensive part first and got the hard part out of the way in the morning. 

The most rewarding part of Dan’s day is the afternoon client meetings: discussing their performance and celebrating the wins.

“I met recently with one of my older clients, and their business is growing exponentially. We analysed their data and found that for every $1 put into marketing costs over $27.30 comes out in revenue. We’re all pretty excited by that! You can tell from the tone in their voice from when we first started with them last year, to where they are now, they’re so grateful and happy and that’s really rewarding.”

As a performance-based marketing agency, our Growth Advisors strive for satisfying results like this. We dedicate ourselves to developing each business’ growth and potential with a digital arsenal of tools, and work with them from day one to get the wheels turning and celebrate each milestone win along the way. 

At the end of the day, Dan closes down his laptop and leaves his work behind to enjoy his evening with his family. He’s committed to trying to live well, be positive, and enjoy a stress-free lifestyle, both for his benefit and the people around him. 

Nothing’s going to get him down, his energy and positivity is infectious.

What is Dan excited about from the future? Impressing larger clients with Sprocket Digital’s performance-based strategies, and opening them up to increased revenue growth. 

He’s confident that they have the capability to do it, and finds it rewarding to set his sights on bigger and bolder companies to partner with. 

“People are always impressed by the way we communicate because we don’t use marketing terms and buzzwords, we talk a language they’ll actually understand. One of our mantras is “We speak business to business people”. That’s how a partnership works.

Finally, a quickfire round of three words to describe his daily work: exciting, rewarding, and challenging-but-fun
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