Common Misconceptions About CRO

One of the least understood marketing practices is conversion rate optimisation or CRO, which is the art of getting customers to convert by making various changes to your website. Not understanding something isn’t really a problem until it starts to cost you money. You don’t want to spend money trying to convert leads if your CRO efforts have been warped from mispractice. Here are a few of the most common misconceptions about CRO so that you can make necessary changes needed to increase your conversions.

CRO Is A Single Skill
Is CRO a single skill set? No. One of the most common misunderstandings about CRO is that the skill begins and ends with conversions. In reality, CRO involves copywriting, analytics insights and user experience design, because these three skills have everything to do with improving your conversion rates.

CRO Is About The Best Practices
If you’ve done any research on CRO, you’ve probably read about tips or hints that can boost your conversion rate. If you implemented these tips, did they work? Moreover, if they did, do you know why they worked? Unfortunately, there is no rinse-and-repeat, one-size-fits-all approach to use for conversion rates, so following so-called “best practices” can often lead you in the wrong direction.

Small Changes Become Big Rewards
It might sound convenient, but unfortunately, it isn’t true. Companies will tell you about quick fixes of minimal effort that give maximum results – for example, getting more clicks from changing the wording of “start your free trial” to “start my free trial” to get more conversions. However, you don’t know how many tests were done, for how long, whether their traffic increased consistently or sporadically, and what other aspects of the website were changed.

CRO Is Only About Split Testing
CRO is not just split testing. It must focus on detecting what your users do, and how they do it. I.e. what convinces them to buy from you, and what are the most common conversion paths? A CRO specialist doesn’t only do split tests; they also find and fix aspects on a website which keep leads from converting to paying customers. The issues they focus on include functionality, usability, accessibility and persuasiveness.

If you’re willing to use a formalised and systematic approach to improve your conversion rates, your strategy needs to be based on facts and hard data, not myths. Before you begin split testing and experimenting with different elements, make sure that you understand what your users want from you, and what their problems are. Do your research, give your users what they want, you’ll never struggle with disappointing conversion rates again.

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