What Is A Good Click-Through Rate

PPC managers and their clients have asked this question before. Anyone who creates or runs landing pages and adverts will know that the higher the click-through rate (CTR), the better. However, the question is what CTR is good enough? There is more than one factor involved, and each needs to be assessed in order to gauge relative success.


Which Factors Influence CTR?

What goes into getting clicks? The below factors each influence whether you receive the click, or not:

  •         Network – The Display Network generally has lower CTRs than Google Search campaigns, this is due to placement (website vs search results) and context (push vs. pull advertising).
  •         Relevance – How relevant is your ad? The more relevant, the more clicks it will receive per impression. This is why targeting settings are so important to a campaign’s success.
  •         Average Position – The page placement of your search ad could be low, regardless of its relevance. Fortunately, if your ad is below the fold on an internet browser, the chances of it receiving clicks reduce significantly.
  •         Device – CTRs vary depending on the device used to view them. In general, CTRs seen on mobile devices are higher than those on laptops, desktops or tablets, because users spend less time comparison shopping, and the number of ads shown is reduced.
  •         Competition – CTR is influenced heavily by competition. For example, some keywords have heaps of competition on Google and can be incredibly expensive. In order to maintain a relatively high CTR as new competitors enter the market, bids need to be increased.


What Is A Good CTR?

Benchmark CTRs are industry-dependent, and the best approach is to focus on conversion metrics rather than click metrics. However, that being said, CTR under 2% on Google Search would warrant further investigation, and if your campaign’s CTRs are above 5%, then you’re obviously doing something right.



All PPC managers, digital marketers and their clients will try to increase their CTRs. However, when it comes down to it, the most critical factor to consider in CTRs is relevance. If your campaigns are relevant, you’ll receive the clicks you’re looking for. Provide accessible, no-nonsense answers to the questions that your leads are putting in their search engines, and your click-through rate will increase.

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