We have been a customer of Sprocket Digital since December 2017, after having been with our previous provider for over 5 years. Jared and Josh sat down with us and explained their common sense approach to SEM and they were confident a better result for less could be achieved, whilst providing transparent reporting (something we had lacked historically).

We switched over and not even 6 months later and we are receiving around 15% more leads on a lower monthly spend. Convinced, we are now looking at how we can complement our SEM programme.

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Pre Sprocket (avg. over 14 months)

Avg. Monthly Calls - 90
Avg. Monthly Form Submissions - 98
Avg. Monthly Email Clicks - 20
Total Monthly Leads - 202
Avg Cost per Lead - $17.82

Sprocket (May 2018)

Avg. Monthly Calls - 65
Avg. Monthly Form Submissions - 187
Avg. Monthly Email Clicks - 95
Total Monthly Leads - 347
20% reduction in budget
Avg Cost per Lead - $8.21


The client had previously been working with a large digital agency and there was a real lack of data which made it difficult to measure performance accurately. The business was also receiving too many phone leads, and wanted to prioritise form submissions / email leads to free up staff workload.

  • AdWords not producing sufficient leads (negative ROI)
  • Lack of regular, meaningful reports and real-time dashboards
  • Year-on-year seasonality effect unknown, no budget allocation or targeting strategies
  • Poor communication / lack of regular visits / no trust with provider
  • Entire account rebuild required
    • Focus on Exact / Phrase match keywords
      • Segment Match-types by Ad Group
    • Segment Products by campaign
      • Brand / T-Shirts-Polos / Sweatshirts-Jackets / Apparel etc.
    • Optimise spend by products type and seasonal trends
    • Boost Jackets-Sweatshirts in Winter, T-shirts-Polo’s in Summer
    • Utilise 3rd party budget management tool for consistent spend throughout each monthly cycle
    • Improve page load speed by implementing suggestions from Google’s Pagespeed insights tool
    • Track ALL valuable interactions as conversions, using Google Tag Manager and 3rd party call tracking
    • Provide client access to real time reporting platform that integrates AdWords / Webmaster / Analytics / Tag Manager / Call Tracking data
    • Send Mid-cycle reports that indicate top level account performance between monthly campaign reviews
    • Utilise more relevant landing pages that link to the main website
    • Configure all relevant ad extensions - including necessary description details
    • Ensure same-day response to client queries, and consistent meetings to discuss results/strategies
    • Create and test ads promoting current product sales/offers
    • Trial Display Remarketing to influence users in the consideration phase

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