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When Pushbikes was unable to find traction online, Sprocket kicked them into the next gear

How we scaled their eCommerce cycling business to develop a second stream of revenue for the Canterbury business.

With two physical stores in Rangiora and Papanui, Pushbikes has established themselves as a go-to for cycling enthusiasts in Canterbury. 

Although they’ve had a website for some time - having realised early on that their customers preferred to do research online before visiting the store to commit to a purchase - there was never a reason to really push the website and eCommerce sales as a second source of income … until this year. 

When the first lockdown struck in March, Pushbikes decided it was time to turn their website into a revenue stream in order to safeguard against the closure of their physical stores, and to meet the growing eCommerce needs of their customers.

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In search of results, they found Sprocket

Pushbikes had been with another marketing agency for a couple of years, who was managing their Google Adwords campaigns. However, they’d never seen much of a result from the money spent, and Richard was growing frustrated.

“We needed a marketing agency that could deliver results, plain and simple. The only really quantifiable sign of a successful marketing campaign is sales, that’s what business owners like myself are really interested in.”

- Richard Allin, Owner of Pushbikes

After some research, Richard found Sprocket Digital online through our paid advertising campaigns, and reached out to see what we could offer him.

“It was a bit more expensive than the last agency, but Sprocket knew what they were talking about, and we were on the same page in terms of the results we were looking for. The expectations were clearly set from the start - spend X amount, generate this in sales.”

- Richard Allin, Owner of Pushbikes


The growth has to be seen to be believed

Pushbikes didn’t have a lot on their website aside from a few product listings. Since partnering up with Sprocket Digital, they’ve added a lot more items and pushed the website’s presence, and seen a big uptake in online shopping in response.

“We’ve always wanted to drive sales through our website, and we know heaps of people used to visit the website to look at specs before coming into the shop, now it’s about getting them to buy online, or do click and collect.”

- Richard Allin, Owner of Pushbikes

Through a data-driven digital marketing strategy, Sprocket has delivered Pushbikes an enormous amount of leads, sales, and return customers.

“The growth for Pushbikes has been nuts. That 5336% may sound dramatic, but it’s because everything is up across the board - there’s been an increase in sales per item, an increase in quantity sold, all these things that contribute to that massive online revenue growth.”

- Harry Kidby, Senior Growth Advisor, Sprocket Digital

It wasn’t always a straight line to the top, though. After two cycles of good but not dramatic growth, our third cycle together has been the most impactful, despite never increasing marketing spend by a single dollar.

October’s year-on-year revenue saw an increase of 5336% - and no, that’s not a typo.

“Richard believed in the process and stuck with it, and now is seeing results.”

- Harry Kidby, Senior Growth Advisor, Sprocket Digital


Transitioning to long term solutions

Pushbikes’ journey is not over yet. Following on from the success of their paid advertising campaigns, Sprocket is now launching a long-term SEO strategy that’ll ensure the leads keep coming in and sales stay high, even when the paid advertising slows down.

“Often, we like to jump in with paid advertising first, and generate enough revenue from that to invest back into more long term strategies like SEO. What usually happens when you stop paying for ads is that the revenue just stops. That’s why we’re launching this organic strategy to keep them growing in the medium and long term.”

- Harry Kidby, Senior Growth Advisor, Sprocket Digital

Richard’s proud of the results that have come in so far, and is looking forward to what comes next.

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