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Mobile capabilities have become so far-ranging, that these days we can do almost anything with them. Seeing an ad and being able to contact the business with one click to activate a phone call is increasing in popularity, and for that reason, call tracking has become critical for the modern marketer. Here are a few benefits of call tracking and analytics, to prove that you need to include call tracking within your marketing strategies going forward.

The Addition Of Call Tracking Is Effortless
In literal terms, adding call tracking to your marketing strategy adds no effort to what you do on a daily basis. There’s no change to what you already do, except now you’re gathering vital information about the people calling about your adverts. You’re already optimising your marketing strategy so call tracking won’t make a difference to your workload – except that you’re optimising more without investing a significant amount of time into the endeavour. Receiving calls is just one more point of engagement with your leads, which you can use to fine-tune your campaigns.

It’s The Same As Tracking Other Conversions
If you’re already tracking form submissions, downloads, subscriptions and more, then tracking calls will be no different. The concept is the same – tracking which adverts, web pages and landing pages result in a phone call more frequently than others provides critical information about the leads you’re attracting. The information you gather can be integrated into analytics tools, which helps maximise your ROI.

Track Calls To Keyword Searches
We all know that most searches are done on mobile than on desktops these days. With mobile marketing on the rise, it’s essential that marketers understand which targeted keywords are more relevant to their audience in comparison to others. You can now track which keywords lead to a phone call with call tracking.

Do you want to measure how effective your web content is, or optimise your marketing campaigns in a way that will generate more leads and a higher ROI? Call tracking is your solution. Gathering information for local SEO and which campaign is more effective than others is just the tip of the iceberg. With Google Analytics, you could use this information to grow your business in a valuable way. What more could you want?


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