Month: June 2019

4 Tips - Successful Video SEO

How to Make Video Work for SEO

As communication mediums go, video has become one of the most commonly used and influential mediums. What better way to send your message out there than by video? It requires no effort from the viewer and shares vital information clearly, in a way that is engaging and attractive. Soon, the majority of web traffic will …

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Common Misconceptions About CRO

Common Misconceptions About CRO

One of the least understood marketing practices is conversion rate optimisation or CRO, which is the art of getting customers to convert by making various changes to your website. Not understanding something isn’t really a problem until it starts to cost you money. You don’t want to spend money trying to convert leads if your …

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Smart bidding info-graphic

Why You Should Consider Smart Bidding

Smart Bidding has evolved as the years have progressed, because of the continuously changing patterns of user behaviour and the evolution of technology. Previously, advertisers were confined to a somewhat limited range of digital marketing strategies and devices. But now that Google’s technology has progressed, keyword optimisation has become less challenging for the seasoned digital …

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Infographic showing how Facebook Dynamic Ads work

What Are Facebook Dynamic Ads?

Have you noticed anything different about the ads you’ve seen on Facebook lately? Don’t worry; you’re not seeing things that aren’t there – Facebook has launched what they call a Dynamic Product Ads, which targets customers who have visited your website & viewed products but haven’t fully converted. Here is everything you need to know …

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